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Life Skills For Puppies 

Laying the foundation for a loving, lasting relationship


Helen Zulch & Daniel Mills


A must read for any puppy owner!


Critically important information, delivered in a simple and easy to read way. Beautifully illustrated with helpful photographs. Each chapter covers a separate life skill and has a useful worksheet at the end to help you track your puppy's progress.

Book Cover

Helping Minds Meet 

Skills for a better life with your dogs


Helen Zulch & Daniel Mills


"Considering the different world views and expectations of dogs and people, and how this can result in conflict between the species, this book highlights the most important of these areas. Owners are guided towards a better understanding and appreciation of their dogs, and shown how to accommodate our differences - and learn better and more rewarding ways of interacting with our canine best friend."

Book Cover

The  Culture Clash New 2nd Edition 


A revolutionary new way of understanding the relationship between humans and domestic dogs


Jean Donaldson


The book that every dog would like it's owner to read!


"Simply , the  best dog book I have ever read! The Culture Clash is utterly unique, fascinating to the extreme and literally overflowing with oodles of useful, how-to information. Jean Donaldson's refreshing new perspective on the relationship between people and dogs has redefined the state of art of dog-friendly dog training."

Dr. Ian Dunbar, Founder of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers