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Dog Development is proud to bring the innovative “Life Skills for Puppies” concept to South Wales.


Developed by leading veterinary behaviourists at the University of Lincoln, the course aims to help you teach your puppy the skills needed  for life, enabling you to


With an emphasis on preventing common behaviour problems, and developing a relationship that is fulfilling for you both, your puppy will learn what is expected of him in everyday life, in a way that he understands. Your puppy will learn how to make good choices in life and take responsibility for being well behaved. Utilising these skills in everyday life will help your puppy become a happy, confident, canine citizen that is a pleasure to share your life with.



  • Sit

  • Down

  • Stand

  • Coming when called

  • Walking nicely on a loose lead

  • Being able to settle and amuse themselves appropriately

  • Having good manners around people and other dogs

  • Being comfortable and calm when touched and groomed


These are used to support and reinforce the 10 Life Skills.


   1.   I Have Confidence

   2.   I Like Surprises

   3.   I Like to be Touched

   4.   I have Self Control and Can Tolerate Frustration

   5.   I Can Be Calm

   6.   I Know The Rules

   7.   I Can Listen

   8.   I Have Good Manners

   9.   I Can Make the Right Choice

   10. I am Allowed to Be a Dog


These 10 Life Skills cover all areas of your puppy’s life. They are written from your puppy’s point of view to stress at all times the puppy is learning to put these skills into practice, rather than being trained by the owner to do so.

live happily together and have a dog you can be proud of.

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