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We love being stockists of such a fantastic product. They really are the ulitmate in dog walking harnesses as their modular design allows a secure and snug fit for almost any size and shape of dog.


We provide a free at home fitting service accross Cardiff, Bridgend and the Vale of Glamorgan, and stock all sizes, from the tiny range up to the 40mm range.


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Why a Perfect Fit Harness?

  • Easy to put on and take off – clips around the neck, then swings between legs and clips either side. No need to pull over the head.

  • Reduces the chance of dogs escaping as the neck hole can be made smaller than the dog’s skull.

  • Adjustable over shoulders, front of chest & around the girth.

  • Front D-ring available for use with a double ended lead for added control.

  • Calming – snug fit reassures and relaxes many dogs.

  • Recommended by vets, trainers and behaviourists.

  • Pieces can be bought separately -

       •  As your dog grows.

       •  If you want a different coloured top.

       •  If a piece becomes damaged or chewed.

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