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"Recommended by the world's top trainers and behaviourists as a training aid of choice for addressing and helping prevent numerous canine behaviour problems including stress, boredom, destructive chewing, separation anxiety, barking and digging.


Chewing is a natural benficial behaviour that plays a vital role in your dogs's physical development. Since most dogs love to chew, it is important that every dog be taught what items are acceptable to chew. Teach this lesson in a positive fun way by introducing a KONG toy stuffed with various fillings that will both mentally and physically stimulate your dog"



"Dogs love to sniff out and forage for their food and treats, engaging their mind and encouraging natural skills. Snufflemats™ are a great enrinchment toy which can be used to help refine their search and find skills along with many positive results including;  

  • Attentitive Play

  • Refines Search and Find skills

  • Mind Activity

  • Reduced Stress

  • Helps with Reactivity and Problem behaviour

  • Reduces Physical Energy

  • and most of all Lots of Fun!"

KONG Logo Original Snuffle Mats