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"Due to availability for both me and my wife we had a one to one course at home with Bert, our Lakeland Terrier puppy and it was really enjoyable for us all.


Rhiannon explained how to understand Bert's needs. It is easy to punish but much more satisfying to teach him good behaviour and that's what the course gave us.....much better interaction.


We would definitely recommend this course to families who want a very happy and contented pooch.


Gary, Pam & Bert"


Life Skills For Puppies @ Home


"A chance encounter with a grey pug dog in Cosmeston, who gave us Rhiannon's name, led to us agreeing to three sessions of one to one training for Blod our Cockapoo puppy.  


These sessions with Rhiannon were most rewarding, sensible, logical, calming, helpful, thoroughly recommended and gave us an insight into dog behaviour.  

Blod - Picture 040

"Both of us had a great time. Look forward to the next course.


Margaret & Si"


Life Skills For Puppies


"If you want some quality time I cannot think of anything better.


Margaret & Si"


Life Skills For Beginners

DSC_1081 R1 DSC_0031 R1

"Excellent classes, really gave me the confidence to deal with a very excitable puppy.


Thank you.


Jill & Pepper"


Life Skills For Puppies


"Although we were pleased with our choice of puppy, and his gentle nature, we were determined to have a well behaved dog who could behave well in any social situation.


This course has taught us how to teach and reinforce the life skills required by Gus to be a full part of our family.


Thank you, we and our extended family are delighted.


He's such a good boy!


Marie and Gus"


Life Skills For Puppies

Catrin & Bobi R1 Sue, John & Spot R1

"Really enjoyable and helpful course. Spot loved coming to "school", and we literally had to drag him home. Learnt a lot and feel confident to handle Spot.


Sue, John & Spot"


Life Skills For Puppies

"I learned so much from the course about strategies for training my puppy. The encouragement received weekly also gave me confidence. I would highly recommend the course.


Catrin & Bobi"


Life Skills For Puppies

Sue, Ken & Alfie R1

"An ideal way to improve the life skills of our puppy. Alfie is more obedient and much easier to live with now. It is also important to be reward based and not punishment. I would recommend the course wholeheartedly.


Sue, Ken and Alfie"


Life Skills For Puppies

Jane & Rory R1

"Rhiannon was a very organised trainer and made the classes fun. We learnt some essential life skills. All very relevant and attainable.


Jane & Rory"


Life Skills For Puppies

Barbara, Amy & Rufus R1

"The course provided the skills to use in future puppy development. We thought it was really good, we learnt a lot that we can apply in lots of different situations.


Barbara, Amy & Rufus"


Life Skills For Beginners

"This was a great course for building on the skills we had already learnt, with lots of helpful tips and training ideas which were tailored for our individual dogs personalities.


Rebecca & Milo"


Life Skills For Beginners


Thank you Rhiannon.


Diane, Paul & Blod"


Life Skills For Puppies @ Home